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ThermaFreeze 3 Ply 5x6 Cell Pad (13"x15") Reusable Ice Packs

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Price: $5.95
SKU: TF5x6_3ply
UPC: 636422590401

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ThermaFreeze Reusable Ice Packs

ThermaFreeze gel packs are a new and superior way to keep items cool, whether you are shipping them or storing them. The system relies on gel cells that expand when you soak the sheets in water. Once the cells have been hydrated, you can freeze the sheets and have flexible, lightweight and drip free cooling. Before they are hydrated, ThermaFreeze sheets are approximately the size and weight of paper, so they aren't bulky or cumbersome to store. 

Hydrating ThermaFreeze is a simple process, and it can be done in either a sink, casserole pan or other convenient container. Simply allow the sheet to soak in water for a short time, and massaging the cells or using warm water can speed up the process. Once the sheets are hydrated, you simply pat them dry and then freeze them. Once they are completely frozen, they will provide flexible and leak free cooling. For best performance, allow sheets to freeze overnight.

Not only is ThermaFreeze easy to use, it is also very eco-friendly. Along with being able to be used multiple times, this product can also reduce freight and shipping costs. When you use ThermaFreeze dry gel packs to cool a shipment, you can save water because you aren't making ice, and you are also eliminating the weight that ice can add to shipping.


  • Flexible when frozen - contours around food, coolers, body parts - not rigid like ice gel packs
  • Use it for cold storage, cold transport, or for cold therapy and pain relief
  • Cut to any size, used in medical and transportation industries
  • Lasts longer than ice packs with no drips
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