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Techniice: Gel Packs, Freezer Sheets, Ice Brix, Cold Packs, Polar Tech, Thermafreeze

Countless Ways Techni Ice & Thermafreeze Are Perfect for You

Why Use Techni Ice? Check out our short list of Commercial and Non-Commercial Applications

Common Commercial Applications

Shipping: Meat, fish, fruit & vegetables, chocolate, cut flowers, insect transport, etc...

Hot and Cold Food Transport: Special diet or prepared foods for weight-loss. Can be heated for use with pizza, deli, or other restaurant delivery services.

Home Meal Delivery: Meals on Wheels or other similar programs.

Medical: Labs across the globe use Techni Ice for transport of cadavers, blood, tissue, and medicines.

Hospital: Techni Ice can be cut to size and is flexible enough for use following surgery, to reduce swelling from sprains, childbirth, vasectomy or other procedure requiring icing for reduction in swelling.

Dental: Techni Ice can be cut into individual cells and given as a takeaway item to reduce swelling following a tooth extraction or root canal.

Athletics: Techni Ice is a great product for First Aid Kits, and sporting-event Medical Professionals.

Recreational Applications

Fishing: Techni Ice is a perfect solution for transporting fish. Use to chill fish whole following catch, or use to transport from location to your home with no mess and no meltoff. Salmon and Halibut fishermen - THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!

Camping: Techni Ice is a reusable long lasting ice replacement for your cooler, or soft-sided insulated bag. Use hot or cold for beverages or food items. The flexibility of the product makes it great for wrapping around any item.

Motorcycle: Turn your motorcycle side case into a cooler with Techniice. Great for road trips to keep beverages or lunch cold.

Techni Ice in the Home

School Lunch:  Cut Techni Ice to fit any size lunchbox. Great product to just rinse, refreeze, and reuse.

Groceries: Prefreeze Techniice for the Grocery Store, and ensure your ice cream and other perishables are still frozen or cold when you get them home.

Infant Care: Use Techni Ice to warm bottles, or keep breast milk cold when on the go. Use warm to take off the chill in beds, strollers or car seats. Do not apply directly to skin!

Blackouts: When the power goes out, Techni Ice in your freezer or refrigerator can help keep food cold for hours.

Sprains or Sore Muscles: Take advantage of the flexibility of Techniice and apply or wrap sprains or muscles as per your doctors icing or heat pad recommendations.