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Polar Bear Medication Cooler - Medium (Navy Blue) + 2 Sheets HDR 4 Ply Techni Ice

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Price: $59.95
UPC: 767942216790
Brand: PB Coolers
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Polar Bear Medication Cooler - Medium (Navy Blue) + 2 Sheets HDR 4 Ply Techni Ice by PB Coolers in Medication Coolers.

Polar Bear Medication Coolers are a great asset for traveling with important medications. Take your meds with you wherever you go, knowing that they will be kept at a safe temperature at all times.

The large medication cooler is designed to work with ice packs or regular ice. The initial cold charge from the ice packs provided (we include 2 sheets of reusable Techniice) will maintain an average temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit for around 24 hours. After that you will need to add ice for continued travel, or re-freeze your ice packs.

The containment area of the large medication cooler is approx., 8” x 6” x 3.5”. Your medication will need to fit inside these dimensions in order for this product to work properly. Holds about 35 insulin pens.

A thermometer is NOT included. However you can purchase a brand new wireless thermometer, if you do not already have one of your own.  

Package Includes:  

  1. One large Polar Bear Medication Cooler

  2. One medication storage container & giant 20 x 25 inch ziplock bag to keep your items dry.

  3. Two sheets of HDR Techniice Dry Ice Replacement (simply activate with water, and freeze)

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