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Techniice: Gel Packs, Freezer Sheets, Ice Brix, Cold Packs, Polar Tech, Thermafreeze

Activate Your Ice Sheets

Techniice is Easy to Activate

You just need a fresh water source, a sink or basin, scissors to cut sheets to the size you prefer, and a towel to pat dry activated Techniice.

For Cold applications, place activated sheets in the freezer. Once frozen solid (1-24 hours) depending on the temperature of your freezer, Techniice is ready to use. We recommend 24 hours of freeze time for best results.

For Hot Applications, Techniice can be heated in the microwave, or in a pot of hot water before use.


Thermafreeze works the same way!

Thermafreeze is Made in the USA and can be used for nearly every application Techniice is used for. Thermafreeze is a 3 Ply product, so cold times will vary from Techniice.

Thermafreeze is a great alternative to Techniice for the budget conscious consumer.